Airport Motor Inn Marathon at Ontario 17 & Peninsula Road, Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0

Full information about Establishment and lodging Airport Motor Inn Marathon at Ontario 17 & Peninsula Road, Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0


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+1 807-229-1213

Ontario 17 & Peninsula Road, Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0
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  • Kelsey Nicole
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    KEEP DRIVING! Don't be fooled by the nice appearance of the lobby, this is what drew us in. We were tired and a little too trusting. When we got to our hotel, I instantly felt like I was in the bates motel. The window is forced shut permanently " due to wild life ", umm yeah okay I yanked that window open so fast, can't fool me ya creeps. the rooms are in need are some serious TLC, parts of the wall were actually coming off..
    All night I could hear people coming and going from next door, slamming their door , this went on until 4 am. I would have asked them to stop and be quiet, however the doors do not shut very securely, you can see a good amount of light coming through and I didn't want to start a confrontation. Any who, I left at 5 in the morning grabbed my bill of 150.00!!! Highway robbery. Please do night stay here , SSDGM.
  • nic morin
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
    Hotel was decent, 200 room level hallway looked pretty good but then i got into the 100 room level and the hall smelt like smoke and the carpet was gross. There's a counter over the toilet which prevents you from putting the seat up to pee.The breakfast was also very underwhelming, there was fake eggs and frozen ham, i just had cereal because the other stuff just looked gross. The carpet was old. Beds were pretty decent and a great selection of TV channels so kudos to that. I can say that the consistency of the rooms are off because one room would have a fridge and another wouldn't, or one would have a fan and the other wouldn't. There's also a room that the window faces the hallway. Overall it's a decent place to stay but definitely not at the top of my list.
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